"Glory Days"

   In "Glory Days", artist Jerry Anderson gives the viewer a glimpse of the grandeur that made Hershey such a special place in the early part of the 20th century. Milton S. Hershey chose to build the lovely High Point mansion on a hill overlooking the chocolate factory, with the surrounding grounds designed by his wife Catherine. The many flowerbeds, statuary, and fountains were, from the beginning, open for the enjoyment of the public.

   Unfortunately, the passage of time has brought many changes to this landscape. Although the mansion remains, the large fountain no longer exists, and some of the other features have been absorbed into the Hershey Country Club. Nevertheless, the aura of past glories is still evident as golfers now walk these same grounds. It is fortunate that artists are not limited to what "is", and are free to recreate the beauty of things as they once were!

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