"Last Leg Home"

  "Last Leg Home" by Jerry Anderson depicts a Dehavilland Canada DHC-8 cruising through a serene evening sky, carrying its crew and passengers home at the end of the day.

  Seating 37 passengers and cruising at over 220 mph, the pressurized, twin-turboprop "Dash-8" has given years of reliable service to millions of travelers. The aircraft shown is operated by a USAirways Express carrier.

  This fine art print was published in 1998, while the artist was employed as a dispatch supervisor in flight operations for Allegheny Airlines/USAir Express. It measures 19" x 25" and is limited to an edition of 300 copies. Each print is suitable for framing.

Original Limited Edition Sold Out!
50 artist's proofs now available at a discounted rate!

Size:19" x 25"
Price: $25


Jerry Anderson

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