“Sandblower Solo”

  “Sandblower Solo” by Jerry Anderson portrays a U.S. Navy Douglas TA-4J “Skyhawk” at extremely low level over the Nevada desert. The pilot is conducting a cross-country navigational flight, a mission nicknamed “Sandblower” because of the sand kicked up in the aircraft’s wake.

  The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is one of the finest and most enduring attack aircraft designs ever built. Designed by the legendary ed Heinemann, it has been in continuous operational service for over 50 years with numerous world air arms and in several variants. The basic design has proven to be robust and durable, and its performance has made it a favorite among attack pilots around the world.

  This painting depicts a Skyhawk in the markings of VF-43, “The Challengers”. Based at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada, the squadron is tasked with playing the adversary, or “aggressor” role in the Navy’s air combat training program, commonly referred to as “Top Gun”.

  This original painting measures 24”x36”, and is framed and ready for display. Paper or canvas prints of this image in various sizes are available upon request.       

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Jerry Anderson

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