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 "The Jungle Express"

   "The Jungle Express" depicts a U.S. Air Force C-27 Spartan cargo aircraft fleeing Peruvian airspace with two FAP A-37Bs in hot pursuit. This image was inspired by one of the tales in Michael Bleriot's 5-book series based on his experiences flying the C-27 in Panama in the 1990s.

   I found this series to be extremely enjoyable for a number of reasons: the flying, which involves resupply and "ash & trash" missions throughout Central and South America, is recounted in both a humorous and frequently gripping style. But what really sets these books apart for me is the author's descriptions of the personalities and wild antics of his squadronmates, as well as the often quirky and inscrutible nature of the culture and the people of the various countries he visits. Many times throughout my reading I found myself laughing out loud, something few books I've read before have had the ability to inspire. If you are an enthusiast of aviation literature and think there's nothing new out there except rehashed stories of the past, I highly recommend Mike Bleriot's series!

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 "The Jungle Express"

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