"Wrapping Up The Day"

   "Wrapping Up The Day" by Jerry Anderson is one of a series of prints depicting historical scenes in and around Hershey, Pennsylvania, in cooperation with the Derry Township Historical Society.

   The Derry Church School has been a familiar landmark in the Hershey area for more than 150 years. Milton S. Hershey himself attended school in this building between 1864-66. It has been used for a number of purposes over the years, including as a "caddy house" for the Hershey Country Club.

   Although the building has been a favorite subject for artists and photographers alike, artist Jerry Anderson has chosen to depict the historic structure "in context" rather than the common "static" portrayal. The scene is set in the early 1900's, on a peaceful autumn afternoon, as the schoolteacher, sweeping the porch at the close of another day of school, pauses to wave at a farmer trundling by on his horse-drawn wagon.

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