Entriken Career (2000)

Career Summary Painting

   Retiring from a career as a professional pilot is a bittersweet milestone. The odd hours, the long days, or the frustrating days of bad weather or delays won't be missed; and there won't be any more holidays spent in a hotel far from family and loved ones. But there will also be no more of those breathtaking sunrises over distant lands, or the satisfaction of guiding a complex piece of technology through a perfect approach under difficult conditions; and the friendships that will become more difficult to maintain without the common connection of the workplace.

   A career summary painting is a unique and very personalized way to recognize this important moment. Choosing a specific selection of aircraft, including military, commercial, corporate, or general aviation, artist Jerry Anderson can create a gift that will bring lasting pleasure during the years following retirement. Using both his extensive personal library and online sources, he can research specific paint schemes, airline liveries, and squadron markings to produce an accurate family heirloom to honor your retiring aviator. 

  Pricing for career summary paintings varies widely, depending upon factors such as size, number of aircraft, detail of background, insignias, etc. Please contact Jerry to discuss ideas and pricing! 

  To view examples of other career summary paintings, and to read the stories behind them, please click on the thumbnails below.

"Final Salute to a Warrior"

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"Scattering the Deer" (2008)

RAF Canberra

(Full story coming soon)


Zeiler Retirement Southwest Airlines (2006)



"A Tradition of Service" (2007)

     This painting was the result of a request from a client who wanted to present a gift for her fiance upon his return from service in Afghanistan. It is a unique family heritage montage, depicting three generations of military service, divided among four individuals. 

     The story begins with the C-47 depicted in the upper right of the painting. This was flown by a young pilot during the D-Day invasion in France on June 6, 1944. The pilot of this aircraft, prior to deployment to Europe, found out that his girlfriend was pregnant. Upon his return from the war, he attempted to contact his girlfriend, only to be told by her mother that she had run away from home. In reality, she had been sent to a home for unwed mothers. The young pilot never saw his girlfriend again, nor ever met his daughter, who had been put up for adoption. When the child grew up, she married the man who flew the MC-130H in the upper left of the painting, and became the mother of the client's fiance, who is the pilot of the C-130J in the foreground. And as an additional tribute, the paratrooper leaping from the C-47 represents the client's own grandfather, who parachuted into France on D-Day as well.

     All in all, a very unique and inspiring painting! 



 Christiana Retirement US Airways (2002)


SWA Retirement (2006)


US Airways composite

Jerry Anderson

We appreciate your business!


   I have known Jerry Anderson for over 25 years and worked with him during those first 18.  Jerry has a passion for aviation and the unique ability to capture & transform that compelling emotion into his art work.  
   Jerry's creativity and attention to detail are what place him far above other aviation artists. 
   You may have already seen his paintings as they adorn the walls of airline corporate offices, military bases and in the homes of many active & retired aviators! Jerry's airplane art has also graced the front and back covers of aviation magazines. 
   I own several of his aviation prints and have ordered prints of the newly introduced Boeing 767-200 in MAXjet Airways colors. I plan to commission Jerry to paint a montage of civilian aircraft, airliners and helicopters that I have flown during my aviation career.

David G, Captain

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